A New Addition

Here at HL we have a new recruit called Ted.  He is a Border Terrier and is 8 weeks old!
Border Terrier

Having both grown up with dogs in the home, we decided we couldn’t bare our home with out a little scruff anymore.

We had both said we wanted a small dog and both loved the border terrier breed so went on the hunt for one…

Border Terriers are a KC breed however neither of us were interested in that, we don’t want the dog to breed from we just wanted a little scruff to join our family and be loved!

Unfortuantely far too many dogs are bred and bred and bred purely for the monetary benefit of the breeder, and often these dogs are interbred causing hundreds of medical problems.

We were very lucky to find a lovely family who were local to us who wanted just one litter from their bitch and they also had the dad. Sadly far too many puppies are bought from puppy farms and such like by innocent loving people who are just unaware of the problem and cruelty.

Rescue centres and dog homes are also a fantastic place to get your pet and unfortunately these are over run with unwanted dogs and can offer a huge variety of breed and age.

 Less of the sad stories now and onto the fun stuff… shopping!!!

There are so many gorgeous dog brands out there and so much choice. Now, it is hard as puppies do love to chew so I wouldn’t necessarily go buying all this beautiful stuff straight away and will wait until he’s out of his puppy stage, but it doesn’t stop me looking and sharing!!!

Its only a matter of time before the purchases start rolling in!

So here goes…




from £32.00




from £40.00

Mungo & Maud

Mungo & Maud

Mini single wooden dog bowl


Mungo & Maud

Mungo & Maud

Stitch bone dog bowl

from £44.00

Mutts & Hounds

Mutts & Hounds

Herringbone Wool Blanket


Coat Quilted Olive-500x500

Mutts & Hounds

Olive Quilted Coat

from £44.00

Garden Trading

Garden Trading

Small round pet bowl with tag in Flint


Garden Trading

Garden Trading

Small round pet bin with tag in Flint


These are just a few of the things I have fallen in love with whilst on my hunt… I’ve also made a few things myself… a few bone toys and a Harris Tweed bed!

Dog Toys

Harris Tweed Dog Bed

Ted is already a huge part of our family and we can’t stop kissing him, but I think thats ok don’t you?

Have you got a dog? I would love to see your beloved pets, twitter, instagram or Facebook, share away!

H x

Woof woof (Ted says Hi)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great name! He looks like a bundle of joy. Enjoy him x


    1. hariettelench says:

      Thanks Twilight Bark. We adore him. I think he’s a bit spoilt!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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