Christmas Wreaths!

For the last 3 years I have soooo wanted to do a wreath making workshop and make my own creation! However I’ve never actually got round to it. This year it happened! The evening was arranged in October and I started to get excited, so naturally started hunting through pinterest for ideas!

The dark, wintery Friday evening arose, and the lovely Laura from The Pink Peony Floral Studio patiently taught us how to make christmas wreaths. Laura brought the most wonderful selection of foliage and dried extras which were to make very beautiful yet varied wreaths. I personally like a variety of foliage in wreaths and not much else other than a pretty ribbon bow, and that was just what I managed to make!!! Laura very kindly made us our moss rings so we started with a good foundation, and with her demo of how to get going, we were off!

Christmas Wreath

All furrowing for our foliage, secateurs in hand we were ready to get creative. Small, medium and large cuttings of all foliage, the wreaths were staring to take shape. Unsurprisingly Laura could make one of these in about 20-30 minutes, we were still going 3 hours later, forever wrapping our wire round our sprigs slowly admiring what was developing into something quite beautiful!

Christmas Wreath

The foliage I used in mine was: Leylandii, Blue Spruce, Ivy with the blue berries, pistachio leaves & normal christmas tree… The Blue spruce was a gorgeous addition and really gave the wreath a depth of colour. All of a sudden this beautiful circle of wintery foliage was completed and I was chuffed to bits! What with my obsession with white living I went for an ivory ribbon bow on mine to finish it off, it almost looked a little Jo Malone!!! (Don’t mind me) The only thing I would do differently would be to use a wired ribbon, so that it holds it shape!

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

I know it may be a little late to make your wreath, what with christmas literally just round the corner (eek I can’t wait), but if you’re in the Bristol area and fancy a workshop of your own be sure to get in contact with Laura. We had the most fabulous evening and to top it off we now know how to make wreaths and believe me its addictive…

… The next day, I went foraging on the mendip hills with friends and the dogs and yes made a wreath, another one! This time fuelled with hot choc, a delicious bowl of homemade soup and crusty bread, quite possibly one the cosiest, winter saturdays ever!

In this wreath I put: Christmas tree cuttings, Leylandii, Fern, Ivy & berries and heather.

Christmas Wreath Making

Christmas Wreath

We’re definitely getting into the christmas spirit and love all the magical lights and candles… Ted is also enjoying the festivities of his first christmas and is hoping for lots of kisses under the mistletoe!

Fiona Walker England

Have you made any wreaths this year?

I would love to see them if you have, I’m always looking for new inspiration for the next make!

Feel free to share them on Instagram, Facebook or twitter!

H x

P.s.  Gorgeous felt mistletoe is from Fiona Walker England!


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