Christmas Wrapping

Christmas is an art in it’s self!

Everyone does is differently… From multi coloured lights to blue lights to white lights and then there are warm white and cold white lights. It goes on and on. None of which is right or wrong it’s just what suits you, your family and your home.

For me its got to be warm white lights with simple delicate silver baubles, however Shaun insisted we had some colour on the tree so purchased some red ones. (it doesn’t look too bad but I think if I’d had it my way it would have looked better – of course!)


I don’t know about you, but I love wrapping presents: birthday, wedding, baby shower and of course christmas I always take great pride in my wrapping.  I do like to use cellophane at any given opportunity! Whether it be a hamper or a wrapped present a crumple of cellophane wrapped round with a simple bow, before you know it you have a master piece!

Wrapped presents can give another level of style to your christmas tree and there are so many different techniques and ideas out there. Of course for me Pinterest is my go to for inspiration! Simple but effective is the style I like to go for… not too much colour (of course – Miss white lover over here) but always have a statement piece. Whether that be a huge bow, a spectacular tag, or a bauble…
Christmas Wrapping

For as long as I can remember we’ve had beautiful baubles on our main present at christmas, which would then go on the tree the next year. It started with my grandma and it’s something which I will aim to continue as our family tradition…

Christmas Decorations

For wrapping paper I really like a plain, block colour. Especially brown parcel paper, which you can get very reasonably on eBay or such like. Phoenix Trading do some fabulous simple designs which are well worth checking out and I am also slightly addicted to The White Company‘s silver metallic kraft paper.

I’ve managed to get a few pressies wrapped and under the tree but still have a few more to go, might even need to pop to the shops to get some final pressies!!!!


Hariette Lench

How are you getting on with your christmas organisation? Are you wrapped and ready to go, or a bit like me who’s pretending to be organised, when really there is still lots to get done?

I hope you’re having as much fun as I am wrapping, and if you haven’t tried it, try a spot of cellophane on your pressies… you won’t be disappointed!

H x

P.S. Here are a few wrapping ideas on Pinterest that I’ve fallen in love with…

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping


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