Back to it….


I kept saying: I must get back into writing my blog! Months have passed with not even a glance at the poor thing. So I told myself, and anyone else who would listen to me that after the wedding I will get back to it! So…

Hi, I’m back!

Not much has changed; still obsessed with interiors, still have Ted (albeit he’s grown a bit), still love food but, I am now a WIFE!! Eek yes I did just say it, I am married! I can’t quite believe after all the months of planning & prepping it’s been and gone, but it’s ok. Shaun and I had the best day ever and now we have the time (that was consumed by wedding planning) to focus on doing up and improving our little cottage. Yippee the next chapter of our life as husband and wife!

So, that’s it. Just a little hello and welcome back! I’m looking forward to getting back into sharing mode and hopefully I should have a few interesting bits…. I hope you’re ready for wedding, interiors and of course Ted overload & maybe the odd recipe along the way.

Will be back soon.

H x

Hariette Lench - wedding Tweed Bow tie - Hariette Lench


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