Honeymoon – Capo La Gala Hotel, Sorrento

For honeymoon we wanted the opposite to what I can imagine most people want…. Short trip away with a short haul flight!

For one I am the BIGGEST home bird, never one to be away for long (went travelling for a year, I was home in 2 months!) and we didn’t fancy a great long flight if we were only going to be somewhere for a week or so!  We both like the idea of exploring more of Europe, so we thought we would start our travels with honeymooning in Italy.

I am not very good at researching, to be honest I am absolutely terrible at it, so  I like to be given recommendations.  I thought I’d have a look on a few luxury holiday websites for Italy but really liked how clear and easy Mr & Mrs Smith was to look at different hotels.

Capo La Gala was one of their honeymoon destinations in Italy and did look just perfect for us!

We stayed at Capo La Gala for 4 nights. We flew from Bristol to Naples and booked a private car to take us from airport to hotel and back again. I don’t like using public transport in places that I’m not familiar with so thought it would be a good idea to prebook a car so I knew that we would get off the plane and straight in a car – no hanging about… Can you tell I’m rather impatient!!  We booked our car through Easy Private Taxi and it was super easy and reliable. We chose to pay cash to the driver and as I had hoped, we hopped from plane to car and were sipping prosecco at the hotel before we knew it.

Honeymoon - capo la gala hotel

When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by a lovely gentlemen who took our bags and a lady who took us into a welcome room with a lovely chilled glass of prosecco.  This was just how we wanted to start our honeymoon!

Honeymoon - Capo La Gala

We sipped our fizz and admired the amazing view of the hotel and water, and were shortly shown to our room. We were followed in by a bottle of prosecco, shown round our room and introduced to our fabulous balcony and view!

Honeymoon - Capo La Gala

They asked where we wanted to eat that night so we thought we would try their waterside restaurant Taverna Nerea, where we were greeted by the lovely staff and shown to our table.

Honeymoon - Capo La Gala

Wine poured, food ordered we could sit back an take in the most fabulous view of the calming water and lit rocks. There I had one of my favourite dishes of the honeymoon – Zucchini Parmigiana (fried zucchini stuffed with mozzarella, basil & tomato sauce) It was delicious!

Honeymoon - Capo La Gala

Capo La Gala is not actually in Sorrento and is about 15 minute train and 30 minute car journey, so it wasn’t so easy to explore Sorrento during lovely evening strolls. Saying that the hotel was so beautiful and catered for every need so for our short stay of 4 nights it was perfect.

The hotel offer a free shuttle car service into Vico Equense, which is the local town. This is where you can get the train to Sorrento, Pompeii, Naples, etc.  We chose to take the train to Sorrento, it was about €1.60 each and although the trains aren’t quite like ours in the UK, but they were fine and it was a quick 5 or so stops to Sorrento.

Our plan for that day was to take the train to Sorrento, hop on the ferry to Capri, have lunch and a stroll in Capri and the head back to sorrento for supper and a gentle evening stroll before taking a taxi back to the hotel… What actually happened – We took the train to Sorrento, walked down to the harbour where we get the boat to Capri, (so far so good) arrive at Capri, wonder what all the people were queuing for… follow the signs to the centre and walk up what felt like a million steps, realising those people were all queing for the funicular which would have meant we wouldn’t have arrived at the centre dripping in sweat jumping into the first air conditioned shop in site!! We did have lunch and a lovely wonder round Capri and might have had a rather large gelato! We made our way back to Sorrento admiring the gorgeous Amalfi coastline, but by the time we got back we jumped on the bus to drive us back to the centre and jumped back on the train to head back to the hotel. We were exhausted and just wanted to jump in the pool and cool down! Sadly that was our only trip out. I really did plan to take a trips to Pompeii, Positano & Amalfi but I really didn’t realise quite how tired we were after all the wedding prep and also quite how short 4 days is!

IMG_5389 IMG_5391 IMG_5396

IMG_5398 IMG_5414 IMG_5429

The Great thing about Capo La Gala is because it has 2 restaurants and the Capri bar there is always somewhere different to eat. 2 evenings we just sat on the waters edge and shared one of the Capri Bar’s huge club sandwiches which was just MASSIVE!!


The Wednesday night we ate in their Michelin star restaurant called Maxi Restaurant, we sat out on the balcony and could watch the boats pass whilst we tucked into the most delicious food. Continually being surprised with another course we weren’t expecting.


IMG_5513 IMG_5463

Poolside was lovely and chilled close to the waters edge. Salvador was the lifeguard/entertainer! As soon as he saw you he would set up your sun bed with towels and pillows and would always be around to take drink orders or to move the canopy to give you more or less shade. He was also one of the nicest, funniest people we have ever met, he is a true credit to the hotel and made out stay that much more special. Saying that all the staff were very helpful and friendly and we really were taken care of.

IMG_5333 IMG_5330

My overall thought of the hotel was; for a few chilled nights  it was perfect, it isn’t big but it has everything you would need and having the 2 restaurants and the lounge bar it gives lots of variety. Personally if we were to stay for a longer period of time and wanted to do the tourist things I would stay in Sorrento as it is easier to be in the hub of the city than on the outskirts, where you have to get transport everywhere.

We certainly had a very special stay at Capo La Gala and it was a wonderful place to spend our honeymoon.

Where did you go on honeymoon or have you got yours booked?

H x






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