The time has come to put the BBQ away and bring back the Sunday roasts!!! Sundays are all about long, rambling walks finished off with big lunches.

Our roasts are never really ‘traditional’ as we just love Yorkshire puddings, they are served regardless.  Plus Shaun seems to think he’s a chef as the one thing he can make from scratch, (following a recipe) are Yorkshire puds!!!

We hosted our first Sunday roast a couple of weeks ago and jumped at the opportunity of using one of our gorgeous wedding gifts – A The Oak and Rope Company carving board! I personally like to serve from the table so each guest can have as much or as little of what they fancy! I am a bit of a feeder so can end up piling plates sky high – must remember less is more!!

Hariette Lench Blog

We went for pork for our first roast of autumn and I know it’s bad but I just love crackling, which I must admit is actually another thing Shaun can do well in the kitchen (lots of salt & oil I’ve gather)!

I love all meat and welcome any roast but I think my favourite has to be lamb shanks, slow cooked in lots of red wine!  One thing I can’t get the hang of are roast potatoes….. My mum’s roasties are to die for and no matter what I do I just can’t get them like hers!!! Any tips?

What’s your favourite roast? And are you traditional on the Yorkshire pud front or like us and have them with everything?

H x

Hariette Lench Blog


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