The Proposal!

We’ve just received our professional photos of our wedding and I realised I’ve never written about our engagement or wedding plans, so I thought I’d start at the beginning!!

Hariette Lench

Shaun’s mum had always said to me “he’ll do it when you least expect it“…

Shaun proposed at Westonbirt Arboretum on my birthday almost 2 years ago! I woke to presents and breakfast like any other year & I was told we were taking the dogs out but to take a change of shoes, etc for something slightly smarter… I love Westonbirt so as we head North on the M5 I assumed that we were going there! A beautiful, bright, autumnal day walking round my favourite place… Little did I know there was a small box of deliciousness in his pocket & he was trying to find a spot that A. No one was around and B. wasn’t muddy (he didn’t want a muddy knee)!!! The funny thing was that I had taken a pic of a bench with a gorgeous red tree above & that was the spot where he proposed!  On one knee with the ring!! IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENED!  The events didn’t stop there, and as we walked back to the car with big smiles on our faces, Shaun explained that we were off for lunch & I guessed it was at another favourite of mine: Calcot Manor.  Sounds silly but the main thing I was worried about was how am I going to eat a meal now?  We popped to The Hare and Hounds Hotel which is conveniently placed a stone’s throw from the Arboretum, with a lovely bar area. Apparently our booking wasn’t for another half an hour so I did the ring round shrieking down the phone to friends and family! We made our way to where I had expected.. Calcot Manor and with my change of shoes and coat we pulled into the car park. There in the car park was my parent’s car! Oh and there was Shaun’s parent’s car!!!! Shaun had arranged for them to be waiting for us!!!  We all sat round with afternoon tea, clinking our champagne glasses!!

Truly the best birthday ever!!!

Hariette Lench

We went back last year on the same weekend and plan to do it every year and get a picture at that bench as our family develops. Last year we had our most recent family member Ted and hope our little family develops over the years.

Hariette Lench

The ring was something that I had been eyeing up for quite a while… I always knew I wanted simple but eye-catching and loved solitaires… I had been introduced to Blue Nile which is an online jewellers and fell in love! On the website you can decided each of your 4 C’s (colour, cut, clarity & colour) and chose your diamond down to the last detail… Ok so maybe I did send Shaun the odd email linked to the website numerous times!!  Little did I know Shaun had been doing his own research and had actually purchased the ring 2 months before my birthday and had been to ask my dad for my hand in marriage! Aww how romantic!

Hariette Lench

So there it is my own little love story! I do love that we can go back every year to the same spot!

What’s your engagement story? I do love to hear them, I must admit most men even the least romantic somehow manage to find it and pull it out of the bag!

H x


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