Autumnal Apple Pie

When I say to people as summer comes to a end that I’m looking forward to the cosy autumnal evenings, they look at me confused… As if I’m mad!

Maybe I am but there is something special about Autumn: It’s the season I got engaged to my love, (read about ‘The Proposal’ here), the crisp bright mornings, the gorgeous change of colour, the log burners get lit & my little side kick just sits perfectly amongst the fallen leaves! Just look…

Hariette Lench

With a cooking apple tree overflowing with apples & it being Apple Day today I thought I’d  have a go at a little autumnal apple pie… You’ve got it, very easy, super simple ingredients and I always cheat with pastry so lets go!

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench

If you want the leaf topping like mine, I got my cutters from eBay. You could do it with anything, I thought hearts could be cute too!

Happy Apple Day.

H x

Autumnal Apple Pie

900g Cooking apples (peeled, cored & sliced)

50g Caster Sugar (plus extra to sprinkle)

1 Ready rolled shortcrust pastry

1 egg (whisked)

1. Preheat oven to 190oC

2. Layer the apples and sugar in your pie dish (approx 2 pint). Sprinkle with 1tbsp water.


(if you wanted to sprinkle cinnamon and raisins this would also be tasty)

3. Unroll the pastry, and keep it on the greaseproof paper. Use the leaf cutters to make your pastry shapes and make as many as the pastry sheet will allow.

4. Place the leaves randomly over the apples.

5. Brush the pastry with the egg and sprinkle a little sugar.

Hariette Lench

6.  Bake for 35-40 minutes, until lightly browned.

Yummy with custard, cream or ice-cream… Or if you fancy a treat all 3!!

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Niki says:

    I could never make pastry until I tried this recipe and now it works every time…

    200g plain flour, sifted
    100g butter, chilled & cubed
    2 tbsp crème fraiche
    For sweet pastry just add a teaspoon of sugar to the mixture too.

    You should give it a try.


    1. hariettelench says:

      Ooo, I will give that one a try! Thanks lovely x


  2. BeaFreitas says:

    Looks really tasty! I love the design you’ve gone for. Great photos and great post 🙂


  3. hariettelench says:

    Aww thank you. It was very nice with ice cream last night 🙂 x


    1. hariettelench says:

      Thanks. It was super tasty with vanilla ice cream. X


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