Weekends, Brunch & Lots of veg!

Weekends are all about the lie ins with cups of tea in bed, and generally taking things slower! I always get that Friday feeling and love to think up things to do! This laid back approach doesn’t always happen! As we’ve got a million and one things to do to the house, with lots of it being attempted by Shaun and my brother! First thing… Operation Garden wall. You’ll be pleased to hear; coming along well – post will follow.


I feel very lucky to live in the countryside in our little cottage but only a short drive away is Bristol… Having gone to school in Clifton I love to potter round the village often with a coffee or lunch stop! (of course… the weight gain is all starting to make sense!)

Hariette Lench

Last Sunday we thought we’d do just that and parked this side of Clifton Suspension Bridge! I still love this bridge and can’t help but get a picture of it every time I pass.  We had Ted with us and I secretly hoped it would rain so Ted could wear his Wax jacket!! In fact it was a gorgeous morning and we wondered through the fresh autumn leaves! Isn’t it just a beautiful time of year… When the sun shines! We walked down through the village and had planned to rustle up brunch once we were home but as it was such a lovely day we decided to have brunch out and chose Primrose Cafe. I have grown up in Clifton and not once have I been there! Well let’s just say we will be heading back there very soon as the breakfasts were just divine. There was something lovely about sitting outside, some on the street watching the world go by, mug of tea in hand and a Mini Monty on the way! Ted sat patiently with the occasional slither of bacon passing his lips, and meeting any passing dogs he could reach! A bustling cafe serving delicious food with the staff competing who can do the best swirl on the coffees, whats not to like? Shaun went for the The Full Monty & I went for The Mini Monty. Mushrooms were passed from Shaun to I (he doesn’t like fungus!) and brunch was devoured. I can be rather funny about Full English brekkies as I can’t stand thin bits of bacon and horrible sausages. But there was nothing on this plate that I didn’t like! They even had the addition of bubble and squeak which was just delish and not something I would have thought to put on a breakfast but believe me it worked, it worked very well!

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench

Brunch had been eaten and Ted was raring to go but 6 steps across the road is Reg the Veg, if know Clifton well you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! We stocked our basket, with cauliflower cheese, ratatouille and suede mash in mind but I couldn’t help but buy the gorgeous autumnal coloured carrots. I’m thinking of using them for my next Sunday roast they would look amazing drizzled in honey, don’t you think? I wrote about our first Sunday Roast of the Autumn here.

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench

Hariette Lench

Veg bought, we were off back through the village, popping into the shops along the way. Once home I prepped the veg and made a Broccoli, Cauliflower & Leek Cheese, Ratatouille and Carrot & suede Mash. All whilst Shaun and Oli were attacking the garden wall!!!

I really shouldn’t tell you that we then went out for supper that evening to another lovely eatery… I’ll save that for another day… don’t want you thinking I’m greedy!

What are your usual weekend plans? Do you like to take it slow or use the time to get things done? I am off to London to see a friend today so I definitely have that Friday feeling!!

Happy Weekend

H x


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