A Neutral Halloween

I’m not that into Halloween, I mean it’s lovely for the children to get dressed up and go trick or treating but we’re yet to have little people so I’d prefer to stay clear of the bright orange colour interrupting my white colour palette!

However the neutral colourerd pumpkins and gourds that seem to be making there way into the shops are actually rather appealing… They could work!  I have been pinning a few ideas of how to style Halloween over the last week, so here are a few bits I’ve taken a liking to…

What have you planned for Halloween?  Living out in the sticks we don’t even get the trick or treaters so I guess more sweets for me!!

How are we coming to the end of October? This year is going far too fast!

H x

How Girls on a Budget Are Styling Their Homes For Fall: When looking for affordable Fall decor, you need look no farther than accent pieces.:

Fall Wedding Centerpiece || Bunch Studio featured on Blissique.  Feather Love Photography:

Beauty Break: 10.06.15:

Five ideas for stylish Halloween decoration..♥♥..  | 79 Ideas: Antler and White Pumpkin Tablescape: How to make your own pumpkin votive holder: DIY Glitter Pumpkins Fitness & Nutrition Mentor 100lbs gone! {Food}…:


Fall Centerpiece:

These are all from my Pintrest board – Picture credits are there.


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