Bonfire Night

As a child I hated bonfire night as I didn’t like the loud fireworks!

Luckily I now don’t mind the ‘bangs’, and actually love Bonfire Night! Nothing better than getting wrapped up really warm and going to stand round a fire, watching pretty things in the sky!!

I’ve thought of hosting a bonfire night although with the house being in a state of a small building site I think we’ll leave it to next year!!

With my addiction to Pinterest & my love for autumn! Any of you out there with a board for every occasion of your life? I thought I’d share a few ideas I’ve found on there for when I do eventually host!!! Always one to plan in advanced!! (planned my wedding before I was engaged!)

For me I think Bonfire night needs to be warm, homely food, with lots of hot choc! I even think its quite cool having a BBQ going!

I don’t think fireworks are essential, but a big bonfire and lots of sparklers definitely are!!

So here are some ideas for the bonfire night that I hope to host one day!

Have you hosted before? Any tips?

H x

A frosty bonfire night...: Polly Frances Elizabeth: Bonfire Night:

Bonfire night recipes - mini fire baked spuds with soured cream & chives and a fiery salsa:

Caramel AppleLovely idea. Bobbing tea light apples as decor:

Bonfire! Well, fire, little fires, fire pits, ect. The light, tremendous heat, sound and smell of a wood fire is really calming and fun for me.: Warm and comforting gourmet bonfire night food:

Super Hot Chocolate with Coconut Whipped Cream: Repin Via: Honestly WTF( light up the world with the fire inside you .. one that speaks of light): Chilli con carne cooked over a camp fire, perfect for bonfire night. Jamie Food | Jamie Oliver (UK):

All these gorgeous pics are from my Pinterest board – So please find all credits there.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lydia says:

    Love the apples for tea light holders, lovely post xx


    1. hariettelench says:

      It’s such a cute idea isn’t it!! Thank you Lydia. X


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