Project Home #1

Our little cottage is nestled amongst green fields, big conker trees, with my parents being our neighbours! We live in a very small village with just a church and a village hall. We’re about 10 minutes drive to the local town of Clevedon which has everything you really need, and about 20 mins (on a good day) to Bristol. The 2 things that Shaun and I would love in the village are a village shop & a pub!

We bought our house almost 2 years ago, it wasn’t in the area we were looking at but it’s in the village I grew up in and with my parents next door it’s lovely.  I’m not sure it would work for you all, but it seems to work for us… It’s like having a convenience store next door!!

The property is actually a converted barn and part of it was a stable and the other part a cider barn (Shaun loves that he lives in an old cider barn!!) This all sounds very idyllic and I really do wish it was but the people that converted it let’s just say didn’t have the same ideas of a converted barn as we do!! Maybe it’s a sign of the times it was converted but with hideous PVC windows and doors, beams painted black & anything wood stained a dark mahogany brown its rather sad!

As soon as we moved in we painted everywhere white and even painted the ‘beams’ downstairs white! (I don’t think they’re real!) I painted all the doors a neutral grey colour and changed the door handles from black wrought iron to shiny silver. I was hoping to go for a modern feel in a country home, which is still the look I’m going for but obviously our next jobs are much bigger so need planning and money!!!

It was all a bit back to front when we got it, with the garden at the front (but with no door) and the doors at the back with parking and a courtyard… We have changed that so the parking is at the front and have ripped up the concrete in the courtyard  (at the back) and turning that into our garden!! That also means we need to get the front door in sharpish and generally get going to make this house into our home!

Our plans are: (are you ready?)

Front door knocked through.

Extension (front) to be utility/boot room, downstairs loo + front door.

Knock through current kitchen, utility & dining room to create kitchen diner.

Replace back door and window in current dining room for French doors onto patio

Strip beams from black to natural

Replace Velux windows & PVC windows & doors

Replace lighting downstairs with sunken spot lights

Replace all flooring.

Replace bathroom


So there it is our long list which I’ve been dying to do since we bought the house but with the wedding to plan we just haven’t been able to start it!

We have the planning permission submitted for the extension so are just waiting for that really, then we can get going! There are lots of things to do but once done I know we will have our wonderful little cottage just how we want it. I absolutely love where we live but with the tiniest kitchen in the world and all this work that I’m desperate to get started on I’m finding it rather frustrating!

I recently went on a fab interior design workshop which you can read all about here which has given me great ideas for the house.

I can’t wait to share our journey with you.

Here are a few pics from my Pinterest boards which are my inspiration for our work!

Have you any projects at the moment? I think the bit I’m most excited about is the kitchen!!! Hurry up already!

Our log burner is being fitted as we speak! I can’t wait to show you the finished article!

H x

All the pics are from my Pinterest boards so please click through for credits!


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