Is there ever a right time?

This post is slightly different to what I usually write about but its something I think about a lot, so I thought I’d share it with you guys to see if you can shed any light on the subject….

If you follow me on Instagram or are a regular reader you’ll know I got married in July. I always thought, after the wedding we would get on the baby wagon! I love children and have always hoped to have a family of my own. Having grown up with a younger brother I’ve always thought I would like to have 3 children (maybe make that decision once I’ve had my first!!).  But now the wedding has been and gone, I am finding myself in waves of do we don’t we, is it the right time? (start trying that is!)

Is it the right time?

Is there ever a right time?

Shouldn’t we wait until the house is finished?

Maybe it’ll speed up the house improvements?

Shouldn’t I wait until I’ve set up my little business?

Maybe it’ll be something to focus on during maternity leave?

The thoughts are endless and they are also complete polar opposites!

I get 2 ends of the spectrum thrown at me… 1. “Ooo it’ll be you next”! 2. “Live your life you’ve got loads of time”! This throws me into further turmoil!!! ARRRGGH!

Ok so the question is: Is there ever a right time?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

H x

 Picture Credits – All pictures are from my Pinterest boards, please find appropriate credits there.


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