Project House #2 {Logburner}

Last week we had the log burner installed. Unfortunately our cottage doesn’t have an inglenook, so we chose to have ours installed stand alone, I guess you’d say a slightly  modern way of having a log burner? I do plan to have a chimney breast/inglenook built so its more in keeping, but I do have to persuade Shaun! He’s not having it at the mo 😦

So, the flagstones were fitted, the hole was knocked through the wall and the log burner was fitted! I didn’t quite realise how much work was involved… I think from start to finish it was 3 days, which isn’t really that long but I honestly thought it’d take like half a day!! (naive I know!)

You might have seen on Instagram that I had a bit of a breakdown during the installation. We chose to have the same pipe inside as out, so we didn’t have a strange join as it went through the wall. I hadn’t done much research on this and wish we had had internal pipe inside (which is smaller) and moved to the external pipe through the wall, which is what needs to happen… (all very confusing) I really did think I wanted the whole thing re done but now that it’s in and keeping us very toasty it’s growing on me! (I can here the builder sighing with relief!) Although Shaun has a battle on his hands, as I do still want to frame it somehow!!

Anyway enough from me and my moaning, it’s in and is super cosy, so now we need to get the new sofas and change the floor, oh and redecorate…. The list goes on! You can fin the full list here

Hope you’re having a good week?

Any advice for my log burner issues? I’d love to hear what you think…

H x

P.S. Our planning had been approved!!! Yippee, let the serious work commence, can’t wait to meet you pretty kitchen!




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