Our Annual Wreath Workshop


Thursday 8th December, our annual wreath making event!! I say annual… it only started last year, but it will be annual thing. Last year we had a wreath workshop at a friend’s with Laura from The Pink Peony you can see more here and from then we’ve been hooked! We asked Laura back this year and hosted for 16 of our friends. Most had never made a wreath before in their life! I spent the day making nibbles, popping lanterns around and bringing in extra tables and chairs! Of course I made my sausage rolls and brownies… {You can find the recipes here & here} The sun set, and the lanterns were lit! Laura arrived with her van filled to the brim of gorgeous foliage and decorations. All set up our guests started to arrive and after a glass of fizz and short demo from Laura we were off picking our foliage and creating our master piece!


Christmas music on, mulled wine and prosecco flowing we were away and before long we had a winner… Someone had actually finished!! Laura then stopped the group to show us how to attach further decoration to our wreaths and then set us back to work to finish off! With a huge array of foliage and decoration it made for very different but truly spectacular wreaths! Those that thought they didn’t have a creative bone in their body couldn’t quite believe what they had created!


Laura is not only a fantastic florist (I mean truly amazing) but a super lovely person! If you’re in the Bristol area and looking for a florist for your wedding or fancy your very own wreath making workshop, do get in contact with her.



As always we had a truly festive evening and will be setting a date for next year soon!!!

H x



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